Employer Group

office1Delivering quality service is the highest priority at dhp benefits consulting group. Evaluating and understanding the needs of our clients positions us to deliver top quality service.
The Affordable Care Act has changed the landscape of the insurance marketplace taking the simple process of the past into the uncertainty of the future. Having dedicated healthcare professionals working with you and your employees, we advise on reform and provide guidance, while reducing administrative burden and premiums.
Group Medicare plans are not just for retirees, but also available to active employees who are Medicare eligible working for employers with less than 20 full time employees. This option will help both the employer and employee save money.
As a complimentary service, dhp benefits consulting group can provide a Medicare 101 training program for you and your employees. This training program will provide:
  • a basic understanding of Medicare Part A, B, C and D
  • eligibility times for joining Medicare
  • avoiding costly Medicare penalties
  • how to prepare for retirement
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